Zibo Jiushuo Industry & Trade Co., LTD.is a new high-tech enterprise in a set R & D, production, sales and catalyst technology transfer in one.
The company for many years and a number of Domestic Petrochemical Research Institute, design institute and Petroleum Institute for technical cooperation, commitment to petrochemical catalysts of R & D and production, is one of the largest private enterprise production catalyst.
My company production of petrochemical catalyst quality and cheap, via Xinjiang, Daqing, Dongying, Panjin and other domestic and foreign hundred enterprises, are the consistent high praise, the product is exported to Spain, Southeast Asia, central asia.
Our main products are series of hydrogenation catalyst, desulfurization catalyst, non hydrodewaxing catalyst, without the presence of isomerization catalyst, hydrogen efficient Y type molecular sieve adsorbent, petroleum catalyst series of products, annual production capacity of 900 tons.Our company has R & D personnel and sophisticated laboratory equipment technology strong, in 2011 exclusive developed waste catalyst special oil refining, oil refining waste catalyst for tires, waste plastic oil refining catalyst,Is now in the domestic and foreign markets, to fill the gaps in the domestic no catalyst for three oil, real lift the use of acid washing to customer any menace from the “rear”.The company can also according to the carrier at home and abroad customers different requirements and processing all kinds of catalysts and catalyst.
Our company is engaged in R & D and production base catalyst in many years, oil refining equipment company has great strength and domestic and international cooperation, is committed to supporting the oil refining equipment research, development and research of a high rate of oil, the technical equipment of oil well, is engaged in oil refining equipment (automatic) of manufacture.Company introduction of waste tires oil, waste plastics, waste oil refining equipment series of special rubber oil, oil equipment, environmental protection equipment and auxiliary equipment, in a leading position in the same industry,The positive research of a higher level, across the. In the oil refining technology, the company has a professional technical staff guidance, installation and commissioning, until the client successfully put into production, satisfaction.
Our company spirit of “quality first, honest and trustworthy” “sincere cooperation, common development” principle, welcome all friends to come to negotiate business, joint development of new technology and new products.

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