Diesel Depressant


Diesel Depressant

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Brief introductionJS-3 eco-friendly diesel fuel depressant (cold flow improver) is based on our technical staff ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer domestic crude nature and advanced technology research and development of new low molecular weight, can significantly reduce the freezing point of diesel and cold filter plugging point, after petroleum and petrochemical refining and medium-sized enterprises to use, identification and performance is quite similar foreign products, and the cold filter plugging point index advanced than similar foreign products. Diesel reached GB252-2002 standard modulated light diesel. Index TechnologyStandard
Exterior As a pale yellow oily liquid Visually
Density20 g/cm3 0.83-0.95 GB/T1884-1992
Solidifying point 8 GB/T510-1991
Kinematic viscosity mm2/s 26-180 GB/T265-1988
Solubility Good solubility Measured

energy and other components of performance;
 applied to various grades of diesel fuel, diesel fuel to improve the cold flow properties, in particular a significant reduction of diesel

Cold filter plugging point;
 improve diesel quality ratio, improve the use of economic units;
 suitable paraffin, intermediate base, naphthenic crude oil processing apparatus of the nature and type of oil;
 refining and marketing companies to help solve the problem of oil quenched;
 product non-toxic heavy metals, which can effectively reduce vehicle emissions of harmful gases.

 0 # -10 # diesel modulation, normally add 1 , pour point down to -8  ~ 18 , cold filter plugging point down to -6 , adding 1.5  ~ 2.0 , 0 # diesel adjustable -15 # -30 # diesel.
 depressant effect of the use of diesel fuel, depends not only on the performance of the product itself, but also the nature of the oil used is closely related to the product of oil susceptibility, selectivity are strong, so you must first be tested before use, then official use. Prior to use, the ratio should be through laboratory experiments to determine the optimal dosage most economical;

 This product will be directly added to the diesel fuel mix (the product is heated when the temperature is below 20  to 20  or more)

for a variety of straight-run diesel blending diesel and adapt waste oil, waste plastics, coal tar,bio-diesel.

 185Kgiron drum;
 25Kgplastic drum

Product Shelf Life
 from the date of manufacture 12 months.
Storage and Precautions
 by flammable chemicals storage, sealed, dark, fire, moisture;
 prevented from entering the eyes, if accidentally splashed into the eyes, immediately rinse with water repeatedly

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